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Mindful Commons

“The Rights of Nature are the Rights of Ireland.” (John Spillane, 2022)

to support the
Citizens Assembly call for a Rights of
Nature referendum

- Let the People Decide

My Book, A Political Economy of Attention

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David Bollier's Preface

Book: A political economy of attention, mindfulness and consumerism: reclaiming the mindful commons The process by which capitalist investment seeks to re-engineer and privatize nature, government, social life and even genes and physical matter is at once breathtakingly ambitious and subtle and insidious. The great contribution of Peter Doran's A Political Economy of Attention, Mindfulness... Continue reading David Bollier's Preface

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Peter Sterling on the Neurology of Consumer Behaviour

First, we must grasp that humans consume compulsively— insatiably—in large part because our clever circuit for reward learning now encounters too few sources of small surprise. We may rail against the capitalist manipulations that drive consumption from the top down, but that will not satiate our innate, bottom-up drive to consume. Therefore, social policies should follow... Continue reading Peter Sterling on the Neurology_gf Consumer Behaviour

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