Blog Update 13/11/23

            Since the Committee on Environment and Climate Action meeting of 17th October where the rights of nature was explored in detail by its members, there has been a range of activity in this space in preparation for its decisions.

Representatives from various organisations associated with this campaign have been engaging in constructive discussions with NGO members to table a Pillar motion that would increase the visibility and scope of action relating to the rights of nature in Ireland.

It is expected that the Committee will reach a decision within the next two weeks, during which time there is expected to be mention of the rights of nature at the Children and Young People’s committee meeting on 21st November, the link for which will be available here.

If you are a person concerned with the lack of voice given to the natural world of Ireland, please get into contact with your local Teachta Dála to help source support for this movement.

[Indicate your organisation’s support for this campaign here]

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